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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I pay for the garage doors?

There is a whole range of different garage doors available. It depends a lot on what you want.  You may want single or double garage doors.  There are also various choices for the style, the different types of color, and added features such as types of locks or opening devices.

What available colors do you have?

The standard colors are variations of white and black.  There is a range of colors you can choose from, if you are interested. The garage doors are painted and finished to a high standard.  We have a very good weather-proof finish.

What maintenance is needed? Do you provide this?

You can do the basic maintenance yourself.  This includes washing and cleaning the door, springs, and   other equipment, as well as taking away leaves and dirt. These doors are well- constructed, so there should be little maintenance. You may contact the company if anything more is needed.

Can remote control units from other manufacturers be replaced?

If they are in stock or if they can be ordered, then the unit can be replaced. This applies to other parts and fittings. You can also visit us and see our store. You can also check out our online store.

Garage doors are expensive, so are they a good investment?

You will get back any initial payment for a garage door pretty quickly, as it enhances the appearance of your property and increases its re-sale value by quite an amount. As such, buying a garage door is a very good investment.

Can your garage doors be used for commercial premises?

We can supply a larger garage door for commercial use.  These can be used for car parks underneath a main office or an adjacent car parking area. This is useful if company buildings are used  as car parks overnight, providing added security.

Can the garage door match the style of my building?

Individual details, patterns, and colors can be arranged on a garage door to make sure it blends in with the overall appearance of your property.  This will also enhance the over-all value of your property when you sell it.

What if a spring breaks on my garage door?

This is an important part of any garage door. If there is an equivalent in stock for a different make of door, we can replace the spring and install a new one. We stock a range of parts for garage doors.

What parts do you use for your garage door openers?

We source our components from the very best manufactures in the market. These are Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Craftsman, and a number of other good companies. This is for the belts, chains, and screws that are used in door opening mechanisms.

How do we get in touch with you if we want a garage door?

Full contact details are on our web site, along with an online form where you can fill out your contact details, email, and phone numbers. We are available all throughout the week and even during weekends to help you.  

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